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NY Car Detailing Tips | Medford Mitsubishi Dealer

To keep your new New York Mitsubishi Dealership looking its best, follow these simple detailing tips.

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Whenever you detail your car, always start from the inside and work your way out. Begin by vacuuming your carpets and cloth upholstery and removing any stains with the stain remover of your choice on a soft brush. Use as little water as possible and let your carpets dry completely. Make sure to avoid getting any of the cleaner on your plastic surfaces as it can cause them to fog. Next, clean your door jambs, plastics, metals, and steering wheel column with a soapy solution. Use a soft towel to thoroughly dry these parts. When cleaning the center console, you'll want to apply cleaner directly to your detailing tool for precise application. Always clean your windows with a glass cleaner last to prevent tossed-up dirt from clinging onto the window.

Begin washing your car's exterior with the wheels. You may want to use solution specifically for rubber tires for best results but you can use soapy water for the rest of your vehicle. Keep in mind that household detergents may strip away any existing wax. Use a pressure hose to clean off any stuck-on dirt and debris. After you've cleaned your tires, make a fresh bucket of soapy water for the rest of your car. Begin with the roof and try not to let any area dry on its own. Be sure to frequently use new towels when the current one gets dirty as built-up grime can scratch your car.

Once your car is clean, dry it off with a cotton cloth or chamois. If you would like, clay the hood, roof, and trunk to achieve a smooth finish. For an added shine, spray liquid wax onto the dripping wet exterior of the car and dry as normal with a chamois. Finish by lightly buffing the surface with a fine towel. To make your windshield and windows streak-free, you can use newspaper to buff away water droplets. Detail your car every few months to lengthen the healthy look of your car.

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